What My Dog Has Taught Me (A Non-Comprehensive Guide)

Long, very long dog story

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Since I got my dog I have spent hours pontificating to myself (both inside and outside my head– sometimes on voice recorder on my phone) about all the ways in which he has totally fucked up my life.

Like, totally irreparably fucked it to high hell. He’s taken it by storm, shit all over it and I pretty much no longer recognize it as my own anymore. (Then he ate the shit that contains the remains of my life. ‘Cause he’s tricky like that.)

Sometimes I can’t remember what it was like before I had him. (I’ve had him for less than five months… So I think that’s more a testament to my incredible lack of long-term memory, than my amount of motherly love.)

But you know, before he came along, I had a really good thing going. I slept whenever I wanted, wrote when I wanted. Didn’t go out…

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Well writen story about the Palestine Israel conflict

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       I just got back from a trip to Palestine

       I visited the West Bank once before in the late 1990’s while covering a story about genetics. I worked with both Israelis and Palestinians, photographing a school for the deaf. Of course I knew of the conflicts between the two groups, but the school was a rare example of cooperation and I wasn’t there long enough to absorb the complexity of the issues.

           This trip was different.

           I am still trying to comprehend the politics driving tensions between two groups of people with long histories who believe in God.

        The main expression of this tension that I encountered was the restrictions on movement. As an American I take freedom of movement in our huge country for granted, knowing that I can…

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